Fun and history on Montjuic hill

Visit the hilltop neighbourhood of Montjuic and enjoy a calm retreat from the bustle of the city down below as you explore history, parks, and take in the views of the surrounding area

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Montjuic: Barcelona’s most scenic neighbourhood

Montjuic is a hill in Barcelona that also houses the city’s most picturesque neighbourhood. Aside from offering great views of Barcelona and the surrounding area, there are many, many great attractions on top of the hill, including museums, fountains, and amusement parks. There is plenty history too; the Olympic Games were held in Parc de Montjuic, while the entire hill is also surrounded by the ruins of the imposing Castillo de Montjuic.

What to do in Montjuic

There’s plenty to keep you occupied on Montjuic. The 100-year-old amusement park is the most popular attraction, offering a ferris wheel (which includes the best views of the city), rollercoasters, and bumper cars, along with many other rides, as well as an open air stage where events are held. The park is open every day throughout August, but make sure you check the opening times before visiting, as they vary greatly the rest of the year. An adult ticket costs 28.50€, and includes all rides and attractions.

The enormous Magic Fountain stands more than 50 metres by 65 metres in the centre of Montjuic. The fountain performs a show, aided by lights and music, which are held at the weekends in winter, and from Thursday to Sunday during summer. In the stunning Montjuic Park is the National Palace, a beautiful building - especially at night - which houses the Museum of Catalan Art, featuring work from Catalan painters and the Spanish masters.

How to get to Montjuic


While it is possible to access Montjuic by car, it’s much more fun to take the Teleferico, a funicular railway with stations at Parc de Montjuic, Castillo de Montjuic, and Miramar. Aside from being a fun way to travel to Montjuic, it also provides unbeatable views of Barcelona and the sea.

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